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John Randak – Owner, Strategist

Before I was doing digital marketing and SEO, I was an iPhone application engineer. Before iPhone apps I was working overseas as a web developer and before that I was working on my degree in interactive media at Pacific University here in Oregon. I’ve spent a lot of time in front of computers over the past 15 years.

While I’ve done SEO for clothing companies, tech companies, manufacturing, life coaches, real estate agents and many more, I charge a dramatically lower rate for nonprofits in the hopes of dividing my time evenly between nonprofit and for-profit businesses.  I also take on at least 1 pro-bono project a quarter. If you work for or own a nonprofit and are interested in some free SEO help or consulting, please email me at

Put simply, my mission isn’t to make as much money as possible, it’s to help people where I can. I have no intention of creating a large marketing firm someday. I don’t want to be the most successful SEOer in Portland. My hope is to keep the lights and the heat on and take the occasional Wednesday off to go on a hike or to the coast with my 2 year old Shepherd/Husky pup Felina.

SEO dog

Check around town, my rates are pretty low for the services I’m offering. I’m able to do this because I have a very low overhead and I don’t take on projects which would require a larger staff or a cadre of subcontractors. What my company might lack in size however, I more than make up for in precision, passion, acumen and care.

Working with a marketing agency can be daunting. Everyone is told they “need SEO” but no one is quite sure what that means. I think many people worry that their inexperience with SEO will leave them vulnerable to exploitation or overcharging—and sadly, this does happen. My hope is that a brief conversation with me will quell any inhibitions you might have about hiring someone to do SEO work for you, or your company.